Thursday, 14 August 2014


It is the very early morning and i am at the beach with my aunt, my uncle,  and my two cousins. We light up the bonfire , and it lights up the whole place. Suddenly my uncle shouts “ look up to the sky, Matariki is here!”. We are at the beach to celebrate the coming of Matariki.

As i look into the dark night sky I try to find Matariki but ,a few minutes later with no success of finding them yet, but. After a while of spinning my head in circles, my eyes suddenly land on a cluster of sparkling stars. Their beautiful  sparkles glisten in the aqua sea. As I gaze up to the dark night sky I can feel the cold breezy sea crawl up to my feet, at the same time I could feel the squelchy sang pulling me in like I am a predator.

At my last glance,at the sky, I wonder how other people would celebrate Matariki.

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