Wednesday, 26 November 2014

My Personal Narritive

St Michael the Archangel
Hello my name is Michael, I am one of the Archangels of God. I Am the Guardian of the gates  of heaven, I fight off the devil himself  and his army of rebels who try to pry open the gates of heaven. But I defeat them with my golden sword and shield that was given to me by the mighty lord.
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I was created with 3 other archangels, Gabriel, Raphael and Lucifer. Lucifer is not known anymore as  God’s most loyal archangel, he was very proud and had the desire to sit on God’s throne because he wanted to enjoy the worship that God gets, he is now known as “Satan” or the “devil”. My feast day  is on September 29th along with the other special angels that God made with me.  

My name means “ who is like god” I am so blessed that God gave me a name like this, it makes me feel so special.


  1. Wow really nice presentation I got a lot of information about god and his archangels


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