Thursday, 26 May 2016

Before & After Vatican 2

Pre Vatican II
After Vatican II
Mass said in Latin.
Mass said in local language.
Women never had a role in mass.
Women could now take roles in mass.
(e.g Eucharist, Offertory).
Priests were authorized to turn away from the congregation to face the Lord (The cross).
They are now able to preach face to face with the congregation.
Before the vatican, the whole world used to sing the same hymns every mass.
In mass they were now allowed to sing different hymns in their choice of language.
In the past, most Catholic schools were educated by nuns and priests.
Nowadays, they changed the rule so more experienced teachers are to give better education towards the children.
Everyone was to dress their best for mass.
Now, their dress code is whatever they choose.


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