Thursday, 21 August 2014

Doombunny & the Monster Catchers Book Review

Doombunny & the Monster Catchers This Book is about 2 monster catchers on a mission to find the monsters that had escaped from the milk carton that they were trapped in. They met a few friends along the way Timotheus 2nd, Emo girl and a few other people. Doombunny was actually a monster himself , but Lorren (the human) trapped *Doombunny* into a bunny suit and permanently turned into a bunny. One day Timotheus forgot to bring his monster weapon to trap the monsters in a small jug, But Lorren discovered that mustard could shrink them into mini monsters. Lorren would give the mini monsters to some of their friends as an achievement , but Timotheus told them to keep them away from sugar , because it would return them to normal size. I like Doombunny and the Monster Catchers Because the Characters are so interesting , and because they catch all the monsters and save the town from the danger .

 By: Angelika


  1. Nice Book Review Angelika, keep up the good work!!! :-) :-P

  2. Kia ora Angelika.
    I like this book report, you obviously know what you are doing, I admire this work.


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