Thursday, 18 September 2014

Writing Assesment

I stop , I suddenly stop staring at all the objects in the distance, like the fire coloured like bridge that caught my eye, the ferries that you barely see , and most specially the jizzing cars in the corner of my eyes.

Finally I look to see what is in front of me 2 young boys which are in swimming gear , one boy in denim shorts and the other in black shorts. They were sitting on a smooth white brick wall that goes all the way till north to south. I turn my head for a split second , and turned it back again and I promptly saw one of the boys in mid air spinning his hands around and around in circles.Right across from the other boy in mid air I saw another boy  he was just on the end of the brick wall, just about to dive in too. The look on the boys face looked scared, terrified, his face was flushed. I looked up to the sky a saw the beautiful fluffy white cotton like clouds, the clouds looked as if they were drawn on because they made different patterns. I got interrupted by the clashing wind and made me looked down at the sea. The wind created ripples in the water and made the sea go up and down, and in different directions. The wind also brought up the smell of the sea, it smelt very salty which almost made me faint.

As soon as I saw the boy jumped off the brick wall , I wondered in my mind what if the boy didn’t check where he was going to land , and landed his head on a huge rock. That could cause severe head injuries, and can possibly that could  lead to death.

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