Monday, 30 June 2014

Beauty and the Beast Review

Beauty & the beast

Have you ever been to a live theater production ? On Friday the 9th of May at 12pm, my whole school went to the Manukau Vodafone event centre to watch a live Beauty and the beast show (Disney version). It was performed by Sancta Maria College and had a total of 13 characters.The main characters were : Beauty ( Belle), Beast, Gaston, and Maurice.

In this story there was a young prince. He was selfish, mean and cruel to other people around him, but one day there was a lady that disguised herself as an old woman, she went up to the prince’s castle and asked him for shelter and in return she’d give him a rose. The prince refused the old lady because of how ugly she was, then she melted and became a beautiful young lady. Then the prince started to  apologise for refusing her, but the young lady became angry and cast a spell on him that would make him a big ugly beast. She gave him the rose and said “ When the last petal falls on this rose and you haven’t found love, you will be a beast forever, but in order to turn into your normal form the girl that you fall in love with must love you back. Then the old lady vanished and the beast never saw her again.

In a small village near the beast’s castle there was a young beautiful lady named Belle. She was kind, caring and loving, but one day her father went missing she went through the forests and found a humongous castle she went in because she had thought her father would of been in there, she was right, then she saw her father in a jail cell she held her father’s hands through the big metal bars, suddenly she heard the “ROAR” of an angry beast.
I liked how the singers sang, they sounded perfectly trained and how they would actually sound  on stage. i also liked the props that they used because it showed that where the characters were.

I recommend this productions for all ages because it funny and romantic but for the younger children they should be warned that there are some romantic scenes and scary scenes.

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